Server Statistics
Server Statistics:  23-Oct-2019 08:55 utc
Total files processed:   11523958
   Files redirected to a Sound folder:   2761672
   Files redirected to a Scan folder:   7905343
   Files redirected to a Log folder:   383119
   Files redirected to a Script folder:   382864
   Files redirected to a WebMon folder:   88558
   Catch all (MIME decoding error) files:   1117
   Catch all (Unknown compression type) files:   1187
   Catch all (No checksum) files:   0
   Catch all (Wrong checksum) files:   0
   Catch all (Decompression error) files:   98
   Catch all (Filer error) files:   0
Total archives created before purging:   0
   Sound archives created:   0
   Scan archives created:   0
   Webmon log archives created:   0
   Archives sent via FTP:   0
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